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Find out about all the best Naples Shopping areas and tourist spots. Read more about the latest event happening in Naples.

Best Tourist Places To Visit In The City Of Naples

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Naples is known for the architectural beauty of its various buildings. There are many tourist spots in Naples.

Recently, Naples was given a facelift, that was long overdue. The major attractions in the city needed to be given much-needed maintenance. In this regard, the city council was approached by some of the major consultants in the architectural industry like RNL, Aedas, Besten, etc. This meeting garnered a lot of attention, and you can read more of it on

These renovations have now been completed, with the major advantage being the preservation of our heritage. Let’s take a look at what you can hope to find when you visit the beautiful city of Naples.

Home Of Pizzas

Naples is the home of a variety of Pizzas. We assist you in finding various shops where you can get quality pizzas for your family. You should never miss tasting the delicious fresh pizzas from Naples. You need to look for the signs to know about the three authentic types of pizzas.

Pompeii And Vesuvius

This is a favorite tourist spot for history lovers worldwide. It is an archaeological site which stands out in the memory of the history of the city.

Epicentre Of Coffee

Naples is also famous for freshly ground coffee, apart from freshly baked pizzas. We help you out to find the perfect coffee shops to treat your taste buds.

A Perfect Religious Experience

There are various churches in Naples which showcase the architectural splendour of this beautiful city. The Cappella di San Gennaro contains relics of the Saint San Gennaro. It also showcases various bronze and silver statues of saints. The remains of Gennaro are kept in a strong box behind the altar. It consists of the saint’s skull and his congealed blood.The blood liquefies once in three years. Many people gather to witness this sight. Cappello Sansevero the funerary chapel is known for its architectural beauty.

Beach Parties

Naples also houses various stunning beaches which are a visual treat to the tourists who visit Naples. There are various nightclubs and top quality DJ’s along the coast. People enjoy parties by witnessing the beauty of the shore.

Underground Art Scene

There are underground stations which showcase certain artistic talents. You can start with Piazza Dante which features artworks of famous people like Joseph Kosuth. There is an untitled artistic piece which depicts of a train bisecting the wall and abandoned shoe.

Shopping Malls

Naples is home to numerous shopping complexes, multiplexes and big malls. With our help, a tourist can find the perfect place  to shop for their needs and interest.

Heaven Of Icecreams

We help to find the best ice cream shops for our tourists so that they don’t miss out tasting the best flavours of ice cream in Naples.

Contemporary Art Museum

There are two impressive contemporary art museums which depict the age-old history of the city. The presence of these Art Museums has made the city to emerge out as a cultural capital of the country.

The above are the famous tourist attraction spots in the city of Naples. The article serves as a guide for people who visit the city for the first time.

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