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Naples is situated on the western coast of Italy.  This beautiful city boasts a huge population with plenty of people coming over to explore the rich cultural heritage as well as admire the natural beauty of the city.

Expo Napoli gives you a chance to visit a city that is situated near a volcano that is still active. This hilly town gives you a chance to gaze in wonder at the beautiful city from several vantage points. The shopping arena is another reason why plenty of people come to Naples for a visit during the months of summer. With plenty of vendors selling their wares from the mundane household goods to the luxurious branded items, Naples has something for everybody.

The shopper’s guide  that is brought out exclusively every year for the thousands of tourists that descend upon this magical land, ha an exhaustive list of the best shopping spot, restaurants, spas , hotels and plenty more. If you are looking for a more relaxed holiday with a drink in your hand and a book to read, Naples is the perfect spot to indulge yourself. We have beautiful resort overlooking the peaceful town to help you relax and get some much needed me time.

We at Expo Napoli are proud to present the best side of Naples to the visitors, as they are awestruck at the beauty and culture of this beautiful city of Italy. Naples is like the seventh heaven for a foodie. With plenty of themed restaurants popping up in the city, you will be able to find any cuisine your heart desires.

The fashion stores in Naples are a huge hit with many of the tourists who keep coming back every season to fill up their wardrobes. Some of the top designers in the world have opened up branches in the city to cater to the fashion conscious public in Naples.  So drop by and discover the latest trends and styles of the season.

The spas at Naples offer the very best treatments to get all the toxins out of your body. The body wraps are a huge hit, where one gets to relax in a peaceful environment surrounded by staff who are ready to serve your every command. A massage at the end of the day is like the cherry on top on the last day in Naples. Once you have had a taste of the wondrous life in this booming little city, you will soon be booking tickets for your next visit.  Expo Napoli can help arrange your travel as well as accommodation to reduce the stress of planning your visit. We have well trained professionals who are well versed with the city and help guide you to make the most of this spectacular vacation.

Expo Napoli prides itself on being able to serve the visitors to this quality town with the very best that Italy has to offer. So book your ticket today and get ready to soak in the beauty of nature and the rich cultural heritage.