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6 Ways To Attract Students To Your College’s Admissions Process

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Tips To Attract Students In A Pandemic

The competition to attract students is becoming more intense for students enrolling in online courses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To be clear, students today are members of Generation Z, a generation concerned with being well-informed about everything. Millennials and Generation-Z students are more likely to choose brands with distinct voices and characters.

Colleges and universities need to consider the new normal that every student is experiencing when recruiting students. One of the best design colleges in Chennai offers a B. des. in communication design, discusses top strategies that have been helping them to attract students to their institute. Before you do that, understand who a prospective student is and what they look for in a college. Read more here.

Who Is A Prospective Student? What Are Prospective Students Looking For?

Prospective students are students who are interested in your university’s programme. A prospective student might be aware of your school and sometimes may not be. To attract prospective students, a tailored approach to the students’ media habits is required.

Prospective students usually want to be part of the solution and get started as soon as possible. Schools can help traditional students learn about the various degrees, certificates, and career development programmes available at their institution. This will help them become more excited about what is possible. Students want to know about the opportunities available at their university, and you can help them by educating them about the opportunities available at your university.

Non-traditional students are more likely to enrol in schools that offer distance learning. Non-traditional students believe that distance learning is extremely effective in their lives, according to the findings. If you wish to recruit non-traditional students, highlight your online learning accomplishments and the new opportunities you’ll provide. DOTS, a leading design college that offers the best UI UX design course in Chennai, shares some of the best ways to attract prospective students to your school.

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Here Are Six Ways To Attract Students To Your College

To improve your brand’s image, use your online channels and interact with students and alumni in real-time. Here are a few stellar ways to attract students to your school.

Offer financial aid

If you want to attract non-traditional students, you must segment your marketing to highlight the added value and lower risk associated with attending your school. Non-traditional students are now more likely to consider financial aid options for their continued education. Use your marketing materials to help non-traditional students feel secure enrolling in your programmes.

Seek Alumni assistance

When it comes to marketing a college or university, you need to consider prospective students, current students, and alumni. Students will go out of their way to get promotional items, and you will succeed with widespread brand awareness and student satisfaction.

Alumni can be some of your most vocal and effective supporters. Include them in blogs and newsletters to help students envision their future and alleviate concerns about debt or unemployment.

Invest in SEO optimised websites

University websites should be optimised for on-page SEO and should be able to pique students’ interests who are familiar with your institution. It should provide information to students, parents, and staff and be easy to navigate. When creating content for students, schools should focus on what they want them to know. Pay-per-click advertising is an excellent way to introduce new prospective students to educational institutions and their programmes.


Instagram is a social media platform that can highlight student life and campus activities and engage with users. Universities can use hashtags to generate a consistent following and broad appeal to prospective students. Live videos can engage potential students and alumni by showing school events or lectures.

Hold Campus events

Give your student body a reason to be excited about their studies by holding a campus event. This will increase the likelihood of recommending your institution to their friends and relatives. Generation Z students and alumni are more likely to enter contests if they are simple.


Twitter is a great way to engage and attract students during the holidays. Twitter is a fantastic tool for keeping up with breaking news, industry trends and interacting with students, administrators, and industry thought leaders. You can use Twitter for effective marketing like this:

  • Students will turn to Twitter for urgent information about school closings, schedule changes, and other important deadlines.
  • A live Twitter chat allows you to interact with students in real-time, increase brand awareness, and engage with potential new students.
  • Set a day aside for students to share their learning experiences and answer questions on Twitter.
  • Use images and video to illustrate your point.
  • Live video is excellent for student takeovers, campus tours, and Twitter chats by faculty and administration.

You can engage with students and the university in an interactive manner by using Twitter’s well-considered, individually tailored approach.

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