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Answering The Oft Put Question: What Does SEO Agency Do?

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Understanding Why SEO Is Crucial?

In today’s era, every business knows that SEO is essential. They might not understand why it is crucial, and what an SEO does, but they accept that it is needed. We clarify both in this article.
• First, SEO is short for search engine optimization.
• Second, it means increasing the ranking of the page on search engines.
• Third, it helps increase the online visibility of a webpage or site.
• Fourth, it is a process and not a one-time deal.

SEO is invaluable to every business because 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine like Google or YouTube. 47% of those times, the person will click on the first three options given by the search engine. If you want people to land on your page, you need an SEO website so that you can rank in the top three positions!

What Does An SEO Agency Do?

There are two types of SEO Agencies. The first is black-hat and the other white-hat. For simplicities sake, we stick to white-hat SEO agencies in this article. Moreover, black-hat SEO tactics never work in the long run. A white-hat SEO agency works on over 200 factors that help increase the ranking of your page on search engine results. While not all factors are vital, there are some that matter a lot. These are the critical elements a white-hat SEO agency works on:
• Keeping the quality and length of your web page content correct.
• Making your website secure by ensuring the URL is HTTPS and not HTTP.
• Making your site mobile-friendly because every user is on mobile now.
• Keeping the loading time of your web page fast because users leave when the process is lengthy.
• Ensuring that the schema mark-up or website code is accurate.

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