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Social Media Tools: Shaping The Future Of School Education

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Social Media: The New Learning Tool

There’s no question social media is a big part of most people’s lives. Now more than ever, social media influences how we live, work, and learn. Recent research suggests that more teachers and professors are using social media in the classroom to engage students and support their learning, whether online or in person. It plays a critical role in how students learn and interact.

The rise of social media has opened the doors to a collaborative environment in schools. Experts say that social media tools and platforms can accelerate creative thinking, innovation, and interaction among the student community.

Of late, many CBSE schools in Chennai ( have incorporated social media tools in their curriculum to promote learning outcomes and critical awareness. Moreover, all good schools in Chennai are adopting measures to keep up with the ever-evolving social media platforms.

Role Of Social Media Tools In Education

Social media encourages self-directed learning, which prepares students to search for answers and make decisions on their initiative. However, this advantage is only the tip of the iceberg. Social media has infused itself into school and college curriculum in many other ways.

Social media is used to improve learning methods and connect with learning groups. Students can also benefit from social media plugins that allow sharing and interaction. Creating blog posts on social media platforms provides students with an additional outlet for digital content, which they can then easily link back to their class social media channels. Blogs also help improve students’ writing skills. Learn More

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Top Social Media Tools Used In Education

On the educational front, several social media tools have come in handy for teachers and students to enhance their teaching and learning methods. Social media tools also help schools communicate with teachers, students, and parents and students.

Here are some of the popular tools used in many schools across the world:

  • Mention is a social media listening tool that helps you engage with your community and increase your daily productivity.
  • Facebook is used as a social medium for classroom updates and alerts.
  • Pinterest is used to organise their lessons into boards for each of their classes to save images that are relevant to the lessons.
  • Instagram allows students to create a series of photos or graphics that are visually appealing.
  • Sprout allows you to manage multiple social media accounts across multiple networks.

How To Optimise The Use Of Social Media Tools & Platforms

It is critical to be present on as many social media platforms as possible as an educational institution. The great thing about using social media in education is that you quickly learn who the experts are in various fields and subjects because of the rapid dissemination of information.

It is possible to communicate campus news, make announcements, and provide students with useful information through these channels.

Schools can use social media to:

  • Maintain engagements between students and the institution.
  • Share school news, host online meetings, or start fundraising campaigns.
  • Gather and produce relevant content for research
  • Teach management systems that include social media integration
  • Stay up to date on new resources and activities
  • For marketing and promoting schools and universities
  • Communicate with students, parents, and teachers.
  • Teach distance learning and prepare students for remote jobs

It is critical to maintaining a professional boundary when using social media for educational purposes. You can use social media to reach a larger audience for your school or university by adding social media buttons to your school’s website.

Social media allows you to be more creative and casual in your school’s presentation and can help you stand out from the competition. It is imperative to use social media to communicate with parents and students in a campus emergency.

How To Face The Challenges Of Using Social Media In Schools

Social media professionals in schools face unique challenges, such as fragmented teams, many communication channels, and a need to develop a sense of community among students. One unintended consequence of having a large number of departments is that you have a large number of social media accounts. Schools can create a social media team to join conversations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to avoid negative consequences.

The Parting Shot

If used with care, social media can prove a powerful tool to positively influence your students. It can expand their creative freedom and encourage them to think outside the box when deciding their career options. The social media landscapes will keep on changing. Therefore, schools should be adaptive in their teaching and learning methods. Social media is here to stay, and it will play a bigger role in education in the future.

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