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Toppi Hairdressers

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Francesco, Antonio and a highly qualified staff await you in Sant’Anastasia, Via Primicerius. Masters in the field of hairdressing, hairdressers Toppi – Naples, have learned the art of hairdressing attending more and more qualifying field professional courses, in Italy and abroad. The consolidation of their professional work continues to this day.

At the heart of the ability to Toppi hairdressers – Naples, there are originality, the achievement of an artistic expression of deep creative source, the wisdom in shaping the form, and with the help of color that simply brush.

In the activity of Toppi hairdressers – Naples is the predominant desire to convey all that is fashion, everything is art. Our lounge is a young and elegant, yet relaxing, where you can feel pampered. Among the services offered we highlight …
• hairstyle man / woman;
• streaks;
• extension;
• hair dye;
• hairstyles for wedding and special events.

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