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What Is On-Page SEO: Page Titles And Meta Descriptions

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Why Are Titles And Descriptions Imperative For SEO?

There are two reasons why page titles and meta descriptions are crucial for SEO. The first is the keywords.
• They contain the primary keywords that help Google understand what the page talks about. The trick here is to utilise variations of the main keyword. Do not repeat the same keyword again and again on the page. That’s an old school SEO technique called keyword stuffing and not very useful. To get variations, use:
o Synonyms of the word
o Varies the word itself
o Change the order of the words if you are using a keyword phrase.

MD and Titles Help Make Your Page Unique

The second reason is uniqueness.
• A page title and meta description tell the reader that your webpage is different from others. It also gives the user an idea of what is covered within the page. A well-written title and an intriguing description increase the rate of click-through. Moreover, they can reduce the bounce rate. The two together are important because presently, Google ranks pages higher where user engagement is high, i.e., a viewer remains on the page for a longer time.
On the other hand, if the page title or meta description is not interesting or accurate, two things occur. One, users will not click on your webpage because the MD didn’t interest them. Two, they will leave and bounce to another page because the title didn’t match the content.

It proves that both these on-page SEO features are essential to viewer engagement and thus out-ranking others. The good news is that a professional SEO service agency can help optimise both title and meta tags to augment your ranking and increase the traffic to your site.

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