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A Detailed Overview About Web Designing Tutorial

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web designing technologies

Web designing is nothing put the process involved in creating websites for various reasons. Today creating attractive and professional websites is in high demand. Thus web designers look for tutorials that help to understand the web designing process. Here you would know about the different aspect of web designing and the popular web technologies currently in use.

Different Aspects of Web Designing

Web designing is not a single entity and it involves the design of various elements. The different aspects of web designing are website coding, layout design, wireframe, graphic designing and web page interactions. Web designer is involved in the process of web designing. It includes designing the front end and back end of the website. The front end is the user interface of the website and the back end is the source coding of the website. All the above aspects mentioned are covered in the web designing tutorial.

Popular Web Designing Technologies

Web-DesignA web designing tutorial mainly concentrates on the overview of various web technologies used for creating a website design.
HTML: This stands for Hyper Text Mark Up Language. It is the most commonly used technology for designing websites. This web technology is interpreted by the browser and need not require compilers. This web technology is ideal for beginners and it is mainly used for designing the user interface of the websites.
CSS: This stands for cascading style sheet which is a style sheet language. This offers a style to the HTML pages. Thus it enhances the appearance of the HTML page.
Javascript: This is the popular client side scripting language. It is used to design dynamic web pages. With this web technology it is possible to create events and interact with user.
JQuery: This JAVA script library is used for creating animations. It is an easy to use web technology.
The above are some of the web technologies widely covered in the web designing tutorial.

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