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Capturing The Beauty Of Italy Through A Lens

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Capturing The Beauty Of Italy Through A Lens

Where To Go To Photograph Italy?

When we talk about a travel bucket list, the one country that invariably comes on the tail end of the list is Italy. One will be hard-pressed to find a more impressive country in the world. And we are not just talking about the scenic exquisiteness of the place, the food, the music, the culture, the architecture; literally, every nook and corner is prettier than the one before.

For candid photographers, the nation is manna sent from heaven. It is a joy to behold. So, here are two places and three photographers who do the breath-taking panoramas of the country complete justice.

A Beautiful Breathe-Taking Look of Roman Colosseum in Rome, Italy.

• Rome has been a vibrant hub of Europe throughout history. It is why when tourists come visiting Italy, they always stop by the city. For photographers, Rome is a must all because of its ancient glories. Just a few of the places that much be captured through a lens are:
o the Colosseum
o the Forum
o the Pantheon
o the Appian Way
o the Palatine Hill

While you’re at it, drop by the Vatican. The Sistine Chapel threatens to fill even the highest capacity digital cameras, and the Pieta by Michelangelo just refuses to translate as well into a photo. But the one picture that is a must capture when in Rome is the tossing of a coin in the Trevi Fountain. If you click the second the coin touches the water, you will have your money shot! Check more about the best places to visit in Italy.

After Rome, Click Away The Sculptures in Florence

The one town in Italy that is akin to a humungous art museum and heaven for photographers is Florence. It is the place where you can click some of the landmark architecture of the world. The must-visit site for photography is the Duomo. It is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, and you must get an image of:

• its massive dome that defies gravity
• The marble bell tower
• The octagonal Baptistery
• Ghiberti’s bronze doors

When you are done with architecture, hop over to the many art museums the city hosts and make film memories of masterpieces.

2 Candid Photographers That Bring Out Its Beauty

For some inspiration, here are three photographers who have not failed to bring forth the beauty of the country.

• Anand is an India-based photographer whose technical expertise has made him one of the best in the industry. The Travel to Italy - Fountain of Neptune on Piazza della Signoria (Signoria square) in Florence city in morning.way he gives lives to images is unprecedented. Instead of capturing the land as seen in posed postcards, Anand works to seek the natural beauty of the land. From the precise geometric scheme to that one second of an instant when everything aligns perfectly, his photographers are genuinely worth flipping over again and again.
• Luca Locatelli is the other contemporary photographer who has proven with his work that the gorgeousness of Italy is something to behold. Through drones, Luca seized the beauty of the valley of Torano and brought home the Sony World Photography Award.
• While Luca and Anand are marvels of the present era, the third photographer we picked is Giovanni Chiaramonte. Known during the 70s, the candid and landscape photographer captured Italy with an incredibly artistic eye. His images showcased every little detail that made the country the mystery and beauty it is.

When you take a look at the photography business, the first two world-class photographers have built from the ground up; you realize that Digital Marketing plays a vital role with a particular emphasis on SEO. While taking pictures that wow is one side of the coin, promoting them through optimized technology is other.

So, next time the travel or photography bug bites you, we say book your tickets for Italy. Take a leaf out of the photographers we mentioned and let the shutter click ad nauseam till your fingers and hands get tired. Believe us, the trip and the effort will be completely worth it. The country is magnificent!

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