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All About Different Restaurant Service Styles

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Eating out has become a popular pastime for the modern society of today. However one can decide what type restaurant they would like to visit based on the services provided. Restaurants can be categorized into 4 different groups based on their service styles as seen below:

  •       Fast Food

This type of restaurant is considered one of the cheapest food providers and also offers the quickest service possible.  Many fast-food restaurants are usually franchises of a well-known brand. These franchises usually have a similar menu at all their branches and offer take out and dine in option to their customers. Most fast-food restaurants offer serve food like burgers, sandwiches, Mexican food, ice creams, and so on. Since the prices are on the lower end at fast-food restaurants, they are often frequented by lower income people as well as students who are living on low budgets.

  •       Fast Casual

These restaurants are similar to fast food restaurants, but they offer comparatively healthier menu options to their customers.  Since the food is deemed to be of better quality than at fast food restaurants, they also charge slightly higher. Customers have the option of ordering their food and enjoying it at the restaurant or order food to go. Most fast casual restaurant stick to a particular cuisine like Chinese, Mexican or Indian.

  •       Casual Dining

This type of restaurant is similar to a fast casual type of restaurant. However, they have a table service dining ambience that makes it a more pleasant experience for the customers. The menus at these restaurants are typically a bit more expensive than these at fast casual restaurants and have more variety of dishes that you can indulge in.  They usually offer more than a single cuisine, to offer more choice to their customers.

  •       Fine Dining

Fine dining restaurants offer elaborate menus along with an elegant atmosphere. The prices are on the higher side and the food served is also of a higher quality.  Most fine dining restaurants require a reservation unless you prefer to wait for thirty minutes or more before being seated. The chefs at fine dining restaurants are professionally trained and have years of experience in working on their dishes. Most fine dining restaurants serve their customers five course meals along with an interesting wine list.

At the end of the day, the success of a restaurant depends on the quality of service it provides. Regardless of whether it is one of the top notch eating establishments or one of the thousands of fast food franchises across the country, restaurants need to treat their customers with respect and provide freshly prepared food that has been made under hygienic conditions. Every country has its own set of health codes that need to be maintained by every restaurant in order to remain open. If they are found to be violating any of these codes, the law dictates that the restaurant should be closed till they make the necessary changes. This makes sure that none of the restaurants serve poor quality food or treat customers unfairly.

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