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Business Portal Trends

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The last decade has been an evolution for portals on the whole. The technology in web has seen continuous developments and have made portals to become a project of significant integration. Web portals have come a long way. It was earlier just a display platforms for contents with small personalization capabilities that approaches services and technologies of web.

With portals, many business and enterprises can manage an affordable yet valuable projects without getting tied in an expensive venture. Let us now understand the top five trends of Business portals and concept of relationship of a enterprise portal with a customer.

  1. User experience: Major and primary trends observed among many portals is the beginning platforms that provide customer experience, transforming from the old software of the portal. The emerging platforms are threatening these portals. Presently these platforms are data-driven and highly customer-centric. The user experience on the portal should never be lower when compared to other well known brands such as the apple, google amazon, etc., A trend towards the customer-centric approach will have a huge impact for portal inside.The other abilities of a UXP depends on the niche it specialised in.Apart from the usual content management, there are different “ethos”that brand the primary approach of a UXP.
  2. Lean Portals:It was only some years before, the lean Portals concept came into picture. It came in as a replacement to the old portals which became quite expensive and not meeting the needs. It was built on the modern web technology.It is a lightweight technology which delivers almost 80% of the requirements in few months, with no compromise on the internet safety and security. More recently these portal dealers seem to be offering other functionality as well. A UXP solution with lean appears to be the trend today.
  3. Improved Business: The portal is becoming the primary channel of interaction with the customers. It is a place to increase the loyalty in addition to the customer satisfaction for the brand. Therefore, the need of optimizing the online channels have set the trend today. IT teams have come to realize the need to transformation in the portal with a customer-centric approach. This trend is to influence the portal solution choices.
  4. Digital Marketing: The present and fast growing momentum have resulted the digital marketer to optimise the situation for the business by increasing lead generations and ways to maximise online sales. As a reason, Customer portals are forced to include many capabilities like targeting in their digital marketing capabilities strategies, optimisation, lead generation, analytics for online channel optimisation. The portals have to provide personalised experience to their user.
  5. Cross Device User Journey: The final and most significant trend is smartphones that is impacting the portal market evolution. Introducing the customer support and interaction anytime and anywhere. It is insufficient for user to view the portal on their smartphone alone, the communication on multiple devices needs to be continued paving the way for cross channel benefits. The requirement has resulted the necessity to develop and design a different kind of portal which is a shift from the usual. Now that we have an understanding of the business portal trends Use these up efficiently to get into that portal which offers the best for you.
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