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House Magic

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In the heart of Naples, in one of the oldest streets, Via Toledo, it stands the elegant Atelier of the Maison Magic, sophisticated expression of a stylistic research with great emotional creativity. Spouses and guests, in a friendly but highly professional, they can choose the most current clothes to wear on her wedding day.
Extreme attention to detail, style research, refinement and elegance, are elements that make it unique groom of the Maison Magic, but the real star is the bride, to which the Atelier for over thirty years has been devoting a large number of collections, all large Italian and international designers, linked to traditional tailoring.
La Maison Magic, also thanks to new and creative combinations, can realize memorable and unique outfits.
The sensitivity and professionalism characterize the Maison Magic and his collaborators, careful to grasp the personality and style of the bride, proposing a dress in which she can move with ease and makes them feel herself. The models of the Maison Magic, have turned to the bride of the Third Millennium, the winning lines are. those simple, clean, elegant and refined but never banal: the princess bride has disappeared, giving way to a romantic wedding but equally modern and realistic, sweet but quite confident enough to enjoy some originality, never exaggerate.
A bride who wants rightly be beautiful the wedding day, but in the sign of understatement, even without excess in spending.

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