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Web development basics that are important

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Web development is the process of building a website and deploying the same on the web. It involves the use of scripting languages at both the client and server ends. While web development is a common term that you might have come across of late, you need to know many things about the process. For instance, you should know how to code it, how to keep it interactive, how to build a website that is SEO friendly, how to host it, etc.

Process of web development explained

The process of web development includes steps that result in a responsive, effective and attractive website. There are a set of tools responsible for realizing such a website design. These web development tools help developers test the website and debug the errors that exist. These days, all web browsers come with tools inbuilt that let web developers use HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc. The same is accessed by moving over an item on a website and choosing the ‘Inspect Element’ option from the menu.

web developmentFeatures of web development tools

HTML and DOM viewer let you see the DOM as rendered. You can make changes to these and see the same reflected on it after the change. The web develop tools help inspect resources available on the web page itself. Also, there are features such as profiling and auditing. Profiling lets you get details about the web page performance while auditing shows suggestions from developers after analyzing a page. This will the pave way for a reduced page load time and higher responsiveness.

To design a web page successfully, you need to possess the following web development skills. It includes understanding the service and client-side scripting, creating and editing templates for web or CMS development framework, testing across browsers for inconsistencies, conducting user testing, programming interaction with PHP, JavaScript and more.

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