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The definition of a web portal may vary depending on different sources. However, each description would have few things in common. The critical attributes of a corporate web portal include the following:

  • Central access to information (retained information) including data that consists of both internal and external data sources.
  • The benefit of personalizing contents for specific targets at a certain level of security.
  • User Interaction actively & Single sign-in method
  • A good search core with a capacity to include all information sources.
  • A firm operating platform enabling the use of portal providing tools for decentralized management.
  • Supporting Client Platforms along with the ability to exchange information in a structured format.
  • Placing of large amounts of data in a user-friendly way.

Unlike the giant companies, small business does not have millions to spend on their marketing.Small Business cannot enjoy the similar brand value.Fortunately, with the critical attributes of a web portal, these constraints are not to be seen much today.Many companies like the Alibaba, quality tackle have simplified online trading to a great extent.The web portals connects a customer to thousands of business industries to create millions of new relationships every year.Here are the benefits of connecting your business to the web portals:

1.Small Investment with high returns: Most web portals offer you yearly membership which could cost you around $300-$3000.You would get their complete contact information in return along with few other exciting features to help you online. Suppose you compare the investment cost with other business development cost, you would find a huge difference with absolutely no results in other modes of developments.

2.Access to many buyers and sellers: You get the contact details of en number of contacts around the world when you register yourself with a web portal. Most of the contacts are active members looking for business opportunities. Connecting with them can give you considerable benefits to your business.

3.Automation of Sales: When you get the contact details of many buyers and sellers, you would have incredible opportunities at your end. Identifying the right person is difficult. But keyword alerts can result in an excellent business opportunity. With Web portals, you even get to follow a particular company and get to know their latest activities.

4.A great way to boost your search engine ranks: Irrespective of the business you are in, if you have a website, you are sure to have a search engine traffic as well. A lot of marketing expertise and techniques are involved today in getting the desired traffic. However, investing in web portals can do this automatically.

5.Market research Platform: Competitor analysis is an integral part of any business, but with using web portals, this is done automatically,as the web portals provide you the details of the new products and services exhaustively.

6.A tool for business branding: When you get yourself into a web portal, this covers your branding to a great extent. As a premium member, you could get a website, logo and a product showcase. This will almost put you in competition with an established brand.

Apart from the above benefits, business portals or web portals could be your gateway for product innovation, and it is an ideal place to expand your business. So just get into the habit of using online portals to succeed in your business.

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