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Get Traffic From yahoo Answers

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Yahoo answers is a educational website where peoples asked questions about health, computer, and on many topics. The answers of their questions are given byáthe members of their own community. The members are doctors, patients, teachers, student, etc.

Now the main point is that you have to search the questions and give their answers in the post. Yahoo answers allows to give the reference of any site which relates to that question. If you find that the answer of any question is present in our site then you can put the link of your site in the answer of that question.Get Traffic By

Commenting On Other Blogs :

There are many websites this allows you to give your comments on the article posted by the editor of the website. To comment on any website the author has made a forum at the bottom of a his page. The forum consists of a four boxes in which you have to write your name, email, the address of your website, and your comment related to the post. So by giving your comments on any website your traffic will increase. The traffic will come to your site from the link that you have written in the form of any website.

To increase your traffic commenting on any site is the best way to increase your business and as well as your traffic. During giving your comments use the following precautions:Only write the comment related to the article posted by the author of the website.Write the meaning full words.Only write the comments on which others can also talk about it and discuss it with others.Give interesting and educational comments.Also share the tips but related to the article.Do not share fake things.

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