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Getting The 101 On Search Engine Optimisation

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What Is SEO?

It has been said ad nauseam that good SEO helps rank a webpage higher on the Google page. Most business owners accept it at face value. Few dig in and try to understand what it means. The objective of this article is to grasp what SEO truly signifies.

You know that every search engine gives you some results when you type in a few words. From Google to YouTube, when you enter a query, they give you options. These could be webpages, images, videos, or local listings of businesses based on what you asked for. The possibilities the search engines give you are ranked in a particular order. The more relevant a webpage is to your search, the higher it will be listed.
And that’s what SEO does; it helps you rank higher. In other words, the process of getting more traffic, i.e., users to come to your website through natural searches on search engines like Google and Bing is called SEO.
A crucial point here is that the traffic is organic and free, meaning people are not paid to search for your site and land on it.

How SEO Helps Rank A Page Higher?

Though there are hundreds of factors that help decide the rank of a webpage, some are more important than others. Four ways SEO helps increase the rank of a site are:
• By optimising the images used on the page.
• By adding quality backlinks to your site.
• By linking the website to social media platforms that take a user to the site.
• By controlling the quantity and quality of the content of the site.
It takes strategy for good SEO, some of which are website structure, website content, and optimisation of site code and content.

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