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Understanding The Difference Between Website Design And Development

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Website design and website development are terms are used interchangeably by professionals. These two terms are totally different aspects of the website building process. Here you would understand the difference between website design and web development.

What Is Web Design?

Web design is nothing but the process of designing a website. Web designers are professionals who work on building websites. They work based on the requirements offered by clients in creating a website. Web designing process involves various other aspects like creating wireframes, designing layouts and offer a perfect user experience to users. HTML is a markup language which is used for creating static web pages. It is important that web designers consider various factors when building or designing websites.
Usable: Make sure that the website design you offer is usable and easy to use.
Balance: Web designers should maintain a balance in creating the layout of the website. The elements of the website design should be placed in correct position.
Consistent: This is a critical feature of a website design. Offer consistent elements to the website design so that it would offer excellent user experience users.

website designWhat Is Web Development?

Web development is a process where web developers transform the website design into a functional website. Web development makes the web design interactive. Web development is usually done by professional web developers. Web developers make use of various web technologies to develop a website. The following are some of the popular web technologies used for developing websites. These web technologies can help to transform the static web pages into dynamic pages.
PHP: This is a web based scripting language which helps to develop a web page and makes it functional. It is possible to include interactive elements with this technology.
JavaScript: This is scripting language which is mainly used to create dynamic web pages.
WordPress: This is a popular content management system which serves as a web development editor. It is one of the easiest technologies used for creating and developing websites.
Thus you would have gained a clear understanding about web designing and web development.

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