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Content Generation and Blog Autoposting

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Content Generation and Blog Autoposting.

Alrighty… firstly thanks for allowing me the privilege to test and review this great program of yours. Yes indeed it is GREAT to say the very least. For first timer users such as myself who isn’t very well sound in terms of programming or coding, after watching the demo while setting up was a breeze. Once I got the first blog up and running, the 2nd one onwards becomes much easier as I know what does what and where goes where. I tried to make an Ebay type of site since it was shown on the demo, so I thought of giving that a try to get a feel of how things work.

I also did a timeline of my usage here to give you a rough idea (+/- a min): 2mins Registered Free WP Hosting 1min Verification and add blog details into BlogSlammer 5mins Setup Seeds 8mins Re-Write EbayRss Template 1min Search Ebay for RSS 3mins Configure RSS Poster COMPLETED In 20mins I managed to get this blog up – iPod Accessories Now back to the BlogSlammer program itself, it works like a charm and more importantly allows the creation of your own content manipulation (done under Seeds section) whereby it will be used below each product entry on your blog.

So the more you put in to the seed, the more unique the content of your blog would be of course. The tough part for me was the template as the review copy had none to even begin with. Although I understood later that this is actually what makes BlogSlammer such a compelling program. So using the demo, I retype the whole thing and after seeing the end results, I now have a general idea of what it is capable of for future usage. All in all this by far has been one of the DARNEST BEST programs I’ve experienced.

I did try out several Auto WP generators prior to this and I must say BlogSlammer just blows them out the door hands down. Can this program be better? Of course with added features such as refined categories segmentation and user interface but I’m sure it would cost perhaps mid 3-figures to purchase the single user rights alone. For those even remotely interested in BlogSlammer,

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