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Is An SEO Audit Really Important For A Website?

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seo audit

Spoiler Alert: Yes, It Is Crucial!

There is no doubt that SEO can catapult a website on search engine rankings if done right. It may take time to rank on the first page of Google but consistent, and quality SEO can do it. It doesn’t mean that once you’ve made a search engine optimised website, you are done. Just like a business needs an audit now and then to find lapses, errors, and methods of growing it so does SEO. This is where an SEO audit comes in. At present, an SEO audit can vary in complexity and detail. In this article, we discuss the two extreme ends of the SEO audit scale: a basic audit and a comprehensive audit.

What Does An SEO Audit Entail?

• A basic or simple audit is just a few pages long. The primary pages of the website are checked for:
o Glaring mistakes on the page
o Absence of content
o Missing or wrong page titles
The objective of a simple SEO audit is to give an idea of what parts of the website need to be fixed because they are not search-engine friendly. It also includes guidance on content improvement, link development, and other strategies.

• A comprehensive SEO audit covers every page of the website. For big sites, this could go up to hundreds of pages. Each page is gone through with a fine-tooth comb to look for even the tiniest mistake. Then each error is corrected to ensure that the SEO ranking ability of the website is improved. The services included in it are:
o Technical audit
o Content audit
o HTML audit
o Structural audit

SEO audits are pivotal for keeping a website ranking well on search engines.

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