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Website Designing And Related Web Designing Technologies

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website design

Web designing is a process of creating and designing a webpage or website. Website designers are professionals who perform this task. There are several aspects of web designing which includes designing web layouts, graphic designing, website coding etc. Here you would know about the different web designing technologies used in web designing.

Web Designing Languages

There are various web designing languages which are currently used for website design.
HTML: This is the standard markup language for designing web pages. HTML includes a set of tags for designing web pages. It is possible to include contents and metadata of the web page using HTML language.
CSS: This is a cascading style sheet language which offers a style and appearance to the web page.
JavaScript: This is a scripting language which is mainly used in creating web pages. It is mainly used for creating dynamic web pages.
HTML5: This is latest version of the hypertext markup language which is used for creating interactive web pages.

Web Designing Editors And Content Management System

website designThere are various popular editors used for designing websites. It is easy for beginners to make use of these editors as they are categorized as WYSIWYG. Most of the web design editors make use of drop and drag feature for designing the user interface of the website.
Adobe Dreamweaver: This editor helps to create visual interface to design the webpage layout. The software automatically generates the HTML and CSS source code for the corresponding web design.
Recently content management system like WordPress, Joomla and lot more are used for creating attractive and interactive websites. It is possible to choose different templates for your website with these services.
The above offer a clear overview about web designing and web design technologies.

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